Getting Started with YL Essential Oils

Are you wondering how to get started with essential oils? Well, here you’ll find out how to sign up for Young Living and find natural products that will help you remain calm, boost your immune system, replace your toxic home cleaners, and more!

Essential Oils

I’ve been using essential oils for years for myself and my family. We’ve used them for sleep, stress, supporting healthy immune systems, booboos, seasonal stuffiness, household cleaning, and many other things.

Young Living Oils Starter Kit: How to Sign Up | Active and Oily

I love knowing that they are all-natural and that they don’t come with horrible side effects and long term dangers like many other toxic options that are sold in stores.

Getting started with essential oils can seem daunting but it’s actually easier than you may think!

The best way to get started (how I got started) is to get the Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit with the 12 most popular oils and a diffuser – the desert mist diffuser is my favorite!

Young Living Oils Starter Kit: How to Sign Up | Active and Oily

You can also do the ditch and switch with Young Living! You can buy all of your detergents, dish soaps, makeup, hand soaps, cleaning, shampoos, deodorant, makeup, baby stuff, shave creams, and more through this amazing company!

Here’s how you can sign up for a Young Living essential oils kit! ↙

WHOLESALE is the way to go even if you never ever ever want to sell a thing- you’ll get the 24% off discount forever and only need to spend $50 a YEAR!

To sign up go to and choose your starter kit.

Young Living Oils Starter Kit: How to Sign Up | Active and Oily

Step 1: Choose your starter kit (pick your diffuser)

The Young Living Starter Kit (Premium Starter Kit) comes with 5ml bottles of:

  • Thieves
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon
  • Panaway
  • Raven
  • DiGize
  • Stress Away
  • Frankincense
  • Valor
  • Peace&Calming
  • Citrus Fresh

Along with the diffuser, 2 roller fitments, a purifier and a House Cleaner sample!

Young Living Oils Starter Kit: How to Sign Up | Active and Oily

Plus, after you get your Young Living essential oils kit as a wholesale member, you will have the discount forever after on anything you ever need which is 24% off.

Once you grab your kit, you will be added to our exclusive FB group with tons of past classes to read through!

Just to name a few:

  • An Intro to Oils
  • Detoxing the Home
  • Let it go. Emotions and Essential Oils
  • EO Dudes- health for guys
  • Safely oiling our little ones
  • Addressing Women’s Health & Hormones


Step 2: Essential Rewards Program

The Essential Rewards Program is a monthly customizable box that you will definitely want to try. It’s like the “Stitch Fix” for oils.

You get to pick your order each month and you get points back for free oils/products each month. It’s not just for oils. You can get laundry detergent, deodorant, make-up, Ningxia Red, etc.

It’s an amazing deal and gets the toxins and chemicals out of your house. The monthly minimum is only $50. If you decide to sell, then you place 100 PV (around $100) a month- NEVER any pressure!

Young Living Oils Starter Kit: How to Sign Up | Active and Oily

Step 3: Here is where you can add more products

Recommend products include: cedarwood ($12-best sleep ever), lime-mood booster for $12, and thieves cleaner ($22 – the only household cleaner you’ll need for everything. It makes 40-50 spray bottles.)

Click continue or next. Here is where you will put in your member info. When you get to commission processing info, click individual without social security number unless if you would like to do the business (no worries if you don’t know for sure, you can always add your tax info later).

Check that you have read the terms and conditions. Click agree and continue. Enter payment and address and checkout. and you’re all set!

I hope you enjoyed learning how to sign up for Young Living. I am so excited for you to begin your oily journey!

Disclaimer: I am an independent distributor of Young Living. This information is for educational purposes only. I am not a doctor, all opinions are my own. This information is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. I cannot promise you any certain results. Read full disclaimer here.