Light Amethyst Sleek Crystal Vial Necklace

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This gorgeous faceted light amethyst crystal essential oil necklace is a crystal vial that holds a small amount of essential oil drops (around 3-5) so you can always carry your oils with you. The crystal top unscrews so you can add your favorite oils directly or diluted with a carrier oil using a dropper or pipette.

Pendant height is 35 mm with lid and has a 26-inch gold-plated brass paper clip chain with lobster clasp. Since the vial is made of real stone, each bottle has unique imperfections and the size, shape, and color may vary slightly from the one pictured.

Every necklace comes with a reusable cloth bag & 1 mL dropper.

Sourced, designed, and assembled by hand; this necklace is unique to Active & Oily.

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  • Keep in mind that if you put colored essential oils into your vial necklace, in some cases, colored essential oils may cause staining to the inside of your vial. Essential oils with colors such as greens, blues, purples, and citrus oils may cause staining. When in doubt, use clear essential oils.
  • Contains small pieces. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Essential oils not included.

1 review for Light Amethyst Sleek Crystal Vial Necklace

  1. Rebecca Krzyzaniak

    I love having a beautiful crystal around my neck and the freedom to choose any essential oil I wish to have on me. Throughout the day I open the vial and use the oil. I was easily able to track my purchase and get more excited everyday leading up to delivery. I have worn it almost everyday since.

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